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          The Municipal Library - english version

The Municipal Library - english version

Welcome to Stuttgart’s Municipal Library!
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Orientation, Information

There are information boards and interactive information columns on every floor to help you find your way around, and direct you to the media or service you need. Staff at the information desk on the ground floor will be happy to answer any questions about orientation, and give you factual information. You will find topic-related details about the media collection and electronic access to information at the information desk in the relevant Section, as well as advice about the library.
You can borrow audio guides, available free of charge from the information desk on the ground floor, which give you details about using the library, and information about its architecture.
>> blogger report about the audio tour



You can use the terminals on wall-mounted shelves to search the electronic catalogue: there are terminals on the ground floor near the lifts, and on all the other floors. The floor code (see adjacent example) given to each title in the catalogue shows you where to find the relevant shelf. The library code indicating the position on the shelf (e.g. Aal Schwa or 52 Boss) is also shown in the catalogue and affixed to all media items.
In the Scriptorium on the ground floor you can make quick searches on the internet, and you also have access to a database of international press. Access to other databases and knowledge portals is integrated into the shelf areas of each Section.


Borrowing, Return

In order to borrow media items or use the computers and other equipment, you will need a library pass, which will be issued at the information desk on the ground floor on presentation of a valid personal id. Children and young people under the age of 18 can use the City Library free of charge. Adults need to purchase a pass - monthly or annual – which can be bought at the pay station on the ground floor.

You can borrow media items at the self-service terminals on the ground floor (West Foyer) or on each of the other floors opposite the lifts. There are self-service machines for the return of media items on the ground floor. Outside opening hours, you can return your media items at a machine located in the vestibule of the West Entrance. The “Library for Insomniacs” in the vestibule of the East Entrance allows you to borrow items from a small selection of media. More round-the-clock facilities are available on the website, including online borrowing of e-books, e-papers and audio files, and use of e-learning material.


Using PCs and Media in the Library

There are quiet areas on every floor where you can read, work, and just spend time. There are also computer workstations where you can write, surf the internet, and access a selection of e-learning resources. Wi-Fi is available throughout the whole building, giving you internet access on all devices, including your own laptop.

What is more, your library pass allows you to borrow “PCs for here and now” (a total of 140 netbooks and laptops) from intelligent media cabinets located opposite the information desk on every floor, from the 1st to the 8th. You can take these devices to your favourite place in the library to carry out your internet research or make use of the OpenOffice applications. The laptops are also available for playing DVDs, but because of legal provisions for the protection of children and young people, this applies only to adults. Children and young people who want to use DVDs should go to the information desk. For those who want to play CDs, there are 27 portable CD players in the intelligent media cabinets.
A chip embedded in your library pass allows you to copy and print without using cash. You can load money on to the card at the pay station on the ground floor whenever you need to.

>> Wireless LAN (WLAN) in the municipal library (pdf)

If you have any queries or need assistance, please come and speak to our friendly and efficient staff at the information desks. They will be very happy to help you.


In nearly every Section

Children's View – Interesting media for children and people of all ages

Young Library – Range of material for young people and the young at heart

Studiolo – A study zone with special resources where you can enhance your knowledge

Spectrum – Selected and specially recommended material for reference and borrowing

Cabinet – Space for small events and group study


Special Facilities and Rooms

Sound Studio, 1st floor, Music Section – Digitisation programs, LPs, notation software and software for scanning sheet music and composing, keyboard

Hausch Children's Room, 2nd floor, Children’s Section – Media recommendations for every child’s room  

Literature Scene and Guest Library, 4th floor Gallery – Forum for the literary life of Stuttgart and its environs

Graphotheque, 8th floor, Art Section – Art you can borrow

Cloakrooms and lockers are located on the lower ground floor, and also on the 1st to 8th floors, behind the information desk.


Expanded Library, Events

Showroom, lower ground floor – Experimental events space for the digital world

Max Bense Forum, lower ground floor – Function room for around 300 guests

Gallery b, ground floor – 16 screens on the ground floor act as exhibition space for visual language, video and internet art at the intersections of text – image - code

Information about events is available on our website, or in a twice-monthly programme of events which we will be happy to send you on request. The information screens on the ground floor and lower ground floor give you an overview of the current dates.

All Welcome

Families: Children with their parents or other people accompanying them are very welcome everywhere in the library. There is a children’s toilet in the Children’s Section on the second floor and a baby changing room on the lower ground floor. On request, you may also use the facilities on the second floor to warm up baby food.

Accessibility: The whole library has been designed to be accessible to all. People with visual impairment can use a special PC and screen reader on the 6th floor. Staff on every floor will be pleased to help.


See You Soon

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Round the Clock: Return of borrowed media items, Library for Insomniacs

On the Website: Online borrowing of digital media (OverDrive and Onleihe), e-learning, podcasts, Library catalogue, administration of personal borrower accounts, e-mail information

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