Library 21 in Stuttgart 21

The sixteen points

Library 21 links tradition and innovation.
A library represents both memory and the avant-garde: it is at the same time the keeper of knowledge and the vanguard in the field of innovative knowledge management.

Library 21 provides a foundation for the knowledge-based society of the future and takes on the responsibility for teaching society about the new media.
Society needs translators to bridge the gap from a culture based on the alphabet to one that is digital and visual in nature. Library 21 provides those translators on a widespread basis, for children, teachers and adults in general.

Library 21 guarantees free access to information.
It is open nearly 24 hours a day and provides cross-media access to all important information resources. Library 21 promotes the collection of freely accessible information in digital form. It ensures equality of opportunities in a knowledge-based society.

Library 21 develops strategies for structuring knowledge and for knowledge management.
Besides providing sources of knowledge and tapping those sources, it establishes personalised information and advisory services to which experts contribute.

Library 21 is a place for lifelong, self-controlled and targeted learning. Library 21 is a place of education.
Library 21 makes learning fun. It supports the learning process of individuals within the context of lifelong learning by providing access to media, advice and specialised learning.

Library 21 is an important centre of innovative learning.
It is a space that offers ideas and suggestions. It must constantly be reconfigured, so that visitors encounter the unexpected. Visitors should be able to find not only the thing they have been searching for, but also that which they never set out to look for, but which they may well need in order to solve a complex problem.

Library 21 is a space where users become acquainted with literature, art and music.
Both literary tradition and the future of literature and the book are cultivated by animated films, talks and meetings with authors, and art exhibitions and other events. Particular attention is paid to the inspiration of the arts and the interplay of the arts - literature, visual art, music, theatre, film and dance.

Library 21 makes a contribution to the changing world of work.
Library 21 makes a considerable effort to highlight opportunities for vocational qualifications and provides knowledge to help users succeed on the job both now and in the future.

Library 21 is dedicated to the City of Stuttgart and its environs.
It is a forum for intellectual and cultural life for the city and the region. It puts on special events such as the "Stuttgart Literature Scene" and "Music in the Stuttgart Region". In addition, it provides a regional plattform for artists, scientists and researchers.

Library 21 is a reliable companion.
It generates ideas and helps in times of upheaval yet it is also a place of calm where visitors can collect their thoughts and enjoy an atmosphere conducive to concentration.

Library 21 is both a place of exploration for individuals as well as a meeting place for people representing a wide span of ages and cultures. It contributes to harmony in a multicultural society and promotes dialogue between generations and cultures.

Library 21 is hospitable.
Every day, it offers the opportunity to meet and communicate with other people, both at a distance and in close proximity, according to individual needs. The library's programmes culminate in festivals and parties which are also highlights for the city and the region.

Library 21 has multimedia facilities for children and young people.
It creates a space for them to broaden their imagination, meet others and learn to enjoy books and different media. It gives all children and young people an equal opportunity to use both new and traditional media. It actively promotes the content of various media and offers an attractive venue with which children and young people can identify.

Library 21 creates networks.
Stuttgart's City Library has a long tradition of close cooperation with cultural and educational institutions in the Stuttgart region, and increasingly at international level.

Library 21 operates in accordance with sound business principles and keeps costs under control.
It sees itself as a knowledge-based business that deals very responsibly with its employees, whom it values highly. Library 21 is a model for the organisation of work.

Library 21 welcomes the future.

Oktober 2003
Ingrid Bussmann